Sunday, 20 February 2011

DAY 2.

I think i have changed quite a lot actually.. not really worsened though.
  • i have better teeth! (Neddy the horse wasn't even close to what they were before braces)
  • i have better taste in music and a better style..(my chavy days are now far behind me :3)
  • i have learn who and who not to trust in my life
  • i have learnt who my real friends are
  • i have probably got brainier.. A* maths BOOYAA. 
  • i have become more sociable but a lot less active and found a new loving for food.  
  • i now know what i aim to achieve in life
and i have just become my own person, i have it when people try and be someone their not! as i now love tattoo's and piercings.. (my background, i would LOVE as a tattoo)

peace out. 

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