Monday, 28 March 2011

okay.. so i knows like like super early to my picking out first dance wedding songs but i reeeeeeeeally want this to be mine. the lyrics are just beautiful and just really describes my love. i love it so much, everyday i listen to it :')

i haven't blogged in ages!

wow. i can't believe how long it's been since i blogged but you haven't missed much at all, its all just been coursework-age and workies. but let me tell you how much you kinda missed... 
these lasses. i love alot. 
so.. on the 19th of March was Jess's birthday, i had my new dress which i now loooooove, i really think i suit green, with my hair an all that so i must purchase more of it! so we went to that new thai restaurant in town but i have to say, it was okay food but we got completely ripped off.. plus, jess didn't really want to stay because she hated the people behind the bar ahahah! but afterwards, we walked all the way up to Jess's for a major sesh. was fab! defo needed all weekend off work to bloody recover!, but yeah i got a new nickname.. 'nips' the call me... why i here you ask? because my friends, my nipple fell out, but not for like a second, for like a minute because i didnt even notice! someone yelled 'omg she's got her nipple out!' and i said 'omg who? ahahaha' only to realize that it was infact. me. but i'd just like to thank Jessie J for a fab night, defo is one to remembered! ♥♥♥

my word. i am very very very very very excited, it's actually amazing and super huge! i cannot actually wait, although i have like no friends that go there ahahha! & my friends won't join me there :( but yeah, if anyone knows of anyone going.. lemme know iiii? 

peace out. 

Thursday, 17 March 2011

a true friend is the greatest of all blessings

DAY 18.

disrespecting parents.. nothing frustrates me more when people say 'your parents know best' because they actually do. Its very annoying. but sometimes, you may have to disrespect them to experience things for yourself, not exactly all the time obviously because then they just loose trust in you but i definitely believe in learning from your mistakes. I don't know how people can have parents who are very very strict and it's all about good grades etcc, because then you can't experience life for what it is, especially if your a teenager. also, if you did disrespect your parents, they have probably done the exact same or even worse.. i thought i'd done some pretty bad stuff but was more disappointed in my mum in what she'd told me ahaha. Your parents make who you are today but you also have to learn from yourself and your own actions to realize who you truly are! 

Sunday, 13 March 2011


this song came on the TV last night and it made my realize how much i actually love it. has one of them catching dance routines as well.. if you listen, it may be stuck in your head for ages!   

Friday, 11 March 2011

DAY 16 & 17

3 things that i am proud of about my personality.. well i'm not exactly proud, but i guess i like some things... but it's just so hard to think when your put on the spot like this.. i'm trustworthy, i can be honest but i kinda take peoples feelings into account. i can't think of a third one tbh! ehehe.
3 things that make me scared

  • like evil people. murderers, rapists, kidnappers. but i'm not too worried about kidnappers, my mum said they would just get sick of me and bring me back.. i think thats a good thing maybe?
  • spiders. i'm like Ross of 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S'.. i hate spiders, i can't even describe how much i hate them.. they are awful, i wish they would become so extinct.. they are just so frickin' ugly that i can't count them as insects. with 8 legs and 4584795 eyes.. they are awful. nuff said, as i am creeping myself out even thinking about the bastards. 
  • loosing any of my friends or family. i can't imagine my life without any of my family or friends, they are what makes me, me. and without them, i would turn insane. i am possibly the worst person ever at grieving, my mind wonders and its just so painful
I am also scared of scary films... i hate scary films. like saw.. what kind of person thinks of things like that.. its not entertaining. its damn right disgusting. end. 

Thursday, 10 March 2011

DAY 13, 14 & 15

I would love to go on date either on a lovely hot day in paris :') have a picnic in a beautiful garden with a view of the Eiffel Tower and then just lay and make shapes out of the clouds whilst listening to music in the background. I would also want to take lots of pictures for memories  :') but then, i couldn't resist but go to disney land ehehe! wow, that would be amazing... or i would love to go somewhere abroad and just sunbathe, take a dip in the pool and lay on golden beaches. Then have a lovely meal on a balcony overlooking a gorge sunset. 


Yeah, i don't really do anything disgusting.. i do bite my nails as a habit which is pretty horrid. 

My week.. well it's been okay really.. pretty average, nothing special has really happened, but today was a nerve racking day because i got my science results and my maths resit results.. yeah, i didn't do better in my maths but i still got a B which i think is pretty good :) but for my science i got an A and B which i found was preeeeeeetty fab.. ver ver happy! 

i am also loving this new text