Tuesday, 22 February 2011

DAY 4.

what i wear for bed, not something very interesting, because mostly it's just a pair of old sweat trousers or pajama trousers and my bra. then you don't get too warm or too cold.. i wore my christmas onesie for a while because they are so comfy and so warm during that cold period, but when you need a wee in the middle of the night; it's a nightmare! so wooly pajama's are a must for winter!
i also love sleeping in my boyfriends tops, don't know why, but they just feel so much more nicer
..... although underneath all of these, i sleep naked ;) but shh..


but i'll blog about my day(s) so far.. although it's half term and being away from college makes me happy, i have been so bloody hormonal for nothing.. i mean, it's getting increasingly worse! crying because there are no tomatoes to make a sarnie or burning my teacake a smidge is just not normal. even my mum said i haven't been 'myself' so i'm so confused! hopefully this is just a silly phase and will blow over soon because the only thing keeping me sane is doing DT homework ehehe! so yeah, all of my anger will be taken out with zumba tonight :D can't wait xD! 
so my half term has consisted of eating, sleeping, crying and working, so interesting i'm sure you would all love to here more! i lied.. but i did go shopping, gotz me some lavly bits :3... 
so inbetween all this horrid maths revision is a needed catch up with my best :') 

peace out. 

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  1. SAME! i have been crying for no reason what so ever, last night i just burst into tears for like half an hour! :/