Sunday, 13 February 2011

my favorite place in the whole world

so, i'll tell you all why i haven't blogged in a few ways.. i have been in thrapston (a small town in northampton) spending time with my gorgeous boyfriend! on the build up to going, those who know me, know how excited i get hehe! i won't go into details of what we did because i'm pretty sure you won't me to ;) so we just took lovely walks, met his funny & lovely friends and just hung out.. the regular shiz! 
so i'll tell you the best bit about my trip down south (swear it's like a whole new world).. we decided to spend our valentines day on the saturday since i'm not spending it with him tomorrow.. we had a lovely lie in together and cuddled which was lovely :) makes my day listening to his heart beating :').. took a walk.. and in the evening he cooked me a lovely meal on a candlelit table with wine. and finally surprised me with some chocolates and a rose :') I LOVE HIM.. those who know me will fully understand that he is my favorite topic in the whole world. 

throughout the whole trip i didn't stop smiling and laughing because everyone is just so funny and down to earth; except the chavs. their scary as fuck! i also vow never to drink cherry lambrini again.. i classed myself as a weedy chav for just a few moments & it is such a horrid drink. 
sorry about the ending being a bit shit, i am so frickin' tired! so now i am going to sleep :') 
peace out. 

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