Wednesday, 23 February 2011

DAY 5.

5 things that irritate me about males:
  • how obsessed they are with sport/cars/x-box, because when they get too competitive it is so annoying. i miss when 'cod' was just a fish. 
  • how some think it's ok to mess around with girls or treat them differently when their with their friends, and being a 'jait hunter' i agree that you can't help who you like, but going through the whole younger generation is a bit wrong.. 
  • how some can be so scruffy and minging, like wearing the same clothes for days on end.. also, they get so competitive with fred perry. everything is now shiny shoes, grey trousers and fred perry shirt. 
  • how cocky they can be. using cockiness to downgrade girls, when they know their right. being cocky doesn't mean your smart. 
  • how jealous they can get, like it's fine if they have friends that are girls but when you have a friend thats a boy, its a whole different situation. 
5 things that irritate me about females:
  • the bitchiness. like guys, girls should talk to peoples faces when they are annoyed, not bitch about them behind their back so they whole situation is spread around and made worse! bitching about someone and then being sweet as pie to their faces is just so fake.
  • the whiny, squeaky voice they put on when they see their boyfriend or boy that is a friend, esp when they want something. it is pretty funny when they are ignored, because they get so frustrated and you see that the little whiny voice was just an act for attention. 
  • putting a picture of themselves on facebook and then calling themselves ugly. friend: 'omg your so pretty!' girl: 'no i'm not, i look an absolute state'. just take the compliment with a 'thankyou' and stop attention seeking! but also when they take hundreds of pictures of themselves and upload them all.. all with the same look.. a bit of variety would be more interesting and less self-centered.  
  • them that allowed themselves to be used. everyone knows that their boyfriend is an utter cock so i don't see why they pretend that their a gift from god. if they do something to hurt you, then yeah it's going to be upsetting but just move on.. referred to #2 on '5 things that irritate me about males:' or girls that take inappropriate pictures and send it to everyone for the attention and to feel loved. also when girls are messing around with loads of different people, when they know it could all just blow up in their faces. 
  • fake girls and how they complain that they can't have a real relationship when they wont even allowed their boyfriend to see them with no make-up on. i mean, i wear make-up, but i think the limit is when it takes you a whole pack of cotton pads to remove it and when you can scrape it off with your finger nail! and when girls want to change everything about themselves, learn to love yourself and be grateful for what you have. 

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