Monday, 28 March 2011

okay.. so i knows like like super early to my picking out first dance wedding songs but i reeeeeeeeally want this to be mine. the lyrics are just beautiful and just really describes my love. i love it so much, everyday i listen to it :')

i haven't blogged in ages!

wow. i can't believe how long it's been since i blogged but you haven't missed much at all, its all just been coursework-age and workies. but let me tell you how much you kinda missed... 
these lasses. i love alot. 
so.. on the 19th of March was Jess's birthday, i had my new dress which i now loooooove, i really think i suit green, with my hair an all that so i must purchase more of it! so we went to that new thai restaurant in town but i have to say, it was okay food but we got completely ripped off.. plus, jess didn't really want to stay because she hated the people behind the bar ahahah! but afterwards, we walked all the way up to Jess's for a major sesh. was fab! defo needed all weekend off work to bloody recover!, but yeah i got a new nickname.. 'nips' the call me... why i here you ask? because my friends, my nipple fell out, but not for like a second, for like a minute because i didnt even notice! someone yelled 'omg she's got her nipple out!' and i said 'omg who? ahahaha' only to realize that it was infact. me. but i'd just like to thank Jessie J for a fab night, defo is one to remembered! ♥♥♥

my word. i am very very very very very excited, it's actually amazing and super huge! i cannot actually wait, although i have like no friends that go there ahahha! & my friends won't join me there :( but yeah, if anyone knows of anyone going.. lemme know iiii? 

peace out. 

Thursday, 17 March 2011

a true friend is the greatest of all blessings

DAY 18.

disrespecting parents.. nothing frustrates me more when people say 'your parents know best' because they actually do. Its very annoying. but sometimes, you may have to disrespect them to experience things for yourself, not exactly all the time obviously because then they just loose trust in you but i definitely believe in learning from your mistakes. I don't know how people can have parents who are very very strict and it's all about good grades etcc, because then you can't experience life for what it is, especially if your a teenager. also, if you did disrespect your parents, they have probably done the exact same or even worse.. i thought i'd done some pretty bad stuff but was more disappointed in my mum in what she'd told me ahaha. Your parents make who you are today but you also have to learn from yourself and your own actions to realize who you truly are! 

Sunday, 13 March 2011


this song came on the TV last night and it made my realize how much i actually love it. has one of them catching dance routines as well.. if you listen, it may be stuck in your head for ages!   

Friday, 11 March 2011

DAY 16 & 17

3 things that i am proud of about my personality.. well i'm not exactly proud, but i guess i like some things... but it's just so hard to think when your put on the spot like this.. i'm trustworthy, i can be honest but i kinda take peoples feelings into account. i can't think of a third one tbh! ehehe.
3 things that make me scared

  • like evil people. murderers, rapists, kidnappers. but i'm not too worried about kidnappers, my mum said they would just get sick of me and bring me back.. i think thats a good thing maybe?
  • spiders. i'm like Ross of 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S'.. i hate spiders, i can't even describe how much i hate them.. they are awful, i wish they would become so extinct.. they are just so frickin' ugly that i can't count them as insects. with 8 legs and 4584795 eyes.. they are awful. nuff said, as i am creeping myself out even thinking about the bastards. 
  • loosing any of my friends or family. i can't imagine my life without any of my family or friends, they are what makes me, me. and without them, i would turn insane. i am possibly the worst person ever at grieving, my mind wonders and its just so painful
I am also scared of scary films... i hate scary films. like saw.. what kind of person thinks of things like that.. its not entertaining. its damn right disgusting. end. 

Thursday, 10 March 2011

DAY 13, 14 & 15

I would love to go on date either on a lovely hot day in paris :') have a picnic in a beautiful garden with a view of the Eiffel Tower and then just lay and make shapes out of the clouds whilst listening to music in the background. I would also want to take lots of pictures for memories  :') but then, i couldn't resist but go to disney land ehehe! wow, that would be amazing... or i would love to go somewhere abroad and just sunbathe, take a dip in the pool and lay on golden beaches. Then have a lovely meal on a balcony overlooking a gorge sunset. 


Yeah, i don't really do anything disgusting.. i do bite my nails as a habit which is pretty horrid. 

My week.. well it's been okay really.. pretty average, nothing special has really happened, but today was a nerve racking day because i got my science results and my maths resit results.. yeah, i didn't do better in my maths but i still got a B which i think is pretty good :) but for my science i got an A and B which i found was preeeeeeetty fab.. ver ver happy! 

i am also loving this new text

Monday, 7 March 2011

DAY 11 & 12

one of the many photos i love of us.
relationship life! i love it. i have never been happier and i love my boy lots and lots! yeah, we have our little bickers, bur who doesn't? they are easily overcome without people putting their nose in. i love how he is my best friend, and ooh! we might be going on holiday. it isn't official or anything but oh my god it would be amazing. i am really trying not to get my hopes up but im just too darn exciteddd! we have such a good time together and have always wanted to go in holiday :') 


I wouldn't really want to say anything to my ex's.. obviously none of them worked out so theres nothing really to say.. one of my previous relationship lasted very long so i would like to thank him for the lovely gifts..  he was my primary school love :') ehehhe
most of my ex's, now are dickheads so pretty glad i ain't with them now, but most of them seem pretty content so i guess that all i can say is 'have fun in the future'. ehehe well cheesy but what else is there to say.. :)

Sunday, 6 March 2011


i really wish i knew why i get so jealous, i think it's our distance from each other if i'm going to be honest! but whats even fucking worse is that i like encouraged him to have friends that are girls and i absolutely love the girls that  he's friends with, and i know that he wouldn't ever do anything with them because he loves me and i trust him with my whole entire life. i hate how paranoid i get, like i make such a big deal out of nothing because so what if they stayed at his house, he wasn't the only guy there and they didn't stay in the same room so i don't see the big deal.. what i honestly think it's down to is that i guess i know how 'ambitious' girls can get when their pissed and how vulnerable guys can get when their pissed. but what i hate is that i have lots of friends that are boys and he has been jealous which is completely natural but i kinda told him that it was ridiculous to be jealous (i didn't exactly blurt it out like that) and now i am. god, i've never known such a horrible feeling! and it makes me out to be such a hypocrite. but now that we've sorted it all out, i'm much more happier :) so horrid when you can't give that person you love cuddles when you need it most.. but everything seems so much brighter when you have a good cry :) 
  i also watched 'taken' which i one of my favorite films but then i watched a bit of 'the human centipede' and i hated my life, its so disgustingly minging that i was scared. and also mummy is back from her weekend away so looking forward to my presents since she left me :) ehehe. 
peace out. 

Friday, 4 March 2011

DAY 10.

to be completely honest, i hate drugs. except prescription drugs help you get better so i suppose their okay :) but class a/b/c drugs i just find completely pointless and awful, yes i have come across drugs once before in my life but i hope it never happens again. half the people on jeremy kyle are crack heads and have you seen them? horrid is an understatement. if you take drugs doesn't make you cool whatsoever and if you even know about the side effects :|.. i find the government party to make cannabis legal is just a complete joke, seriously what would the world turn into? i think people wanting to try drugs has gone up after watching skins! those people are actors kids!

so i like alcohol, but i only go to that 'limit'. only once have i ever been so drunk that i've thrown up and it was awful! i'm one of those people who likes kinda 'fruity alcohol' like jacques or alcopops. i HATE beer or lager. urgh. like drinking piss, not that i've ever drunk piss but you get the drift. i hate the fact of alcohol when you drink like every night and its like 'EHH M8, GET MI SUM VODIE TONYT YH?' to be honest,  you don't need alcohol to have a good time but some wouldn't go unharmed :) sometimes people use alcohol feel the need to cheat or to get into fights or just to make themselves feel better, that kinda defeats the object. although it can make up a good night with your friends, having a laugh and feeling confident. 

overall, i prefer alcohol far better than drugs. 
peace out
life of gummy bears. 

perfect date. 

i really want to punch someone square in the face.

i HATE attention seekers!
so yeah, going to take pictures with my best,
peace out. 

Thursday, 3 March 2011

DAY 9.

currently, my last kiss was off my mum :P she went away for the weekend so i gave her a kiss on the cheek to say byee! but my last real kiss was off antony like weeks ago when i left his house; won't get another one until like 5 weeks maybe? :(

wow that was a short blog, so i will show you a tattoo i really really want!
i absolutely love this tattoo, i think it's so beautiful and just advertises the element of being free
i love these tattoos because i love the look of the old victorian keys and the secrets behind them

i adore this song from adele, she has the most beautiful voice. 

DAY 8.

i worry for too much. i always think about what will come about things if they go wrong.. pretty much, i am currently shitting myself about getting some of my exam results. i'm one of those people that beats themselves up constantly if something goes wrong, i hate to fail. I know you have to learn from your mistakes but i always get myself worked up over nothing. i honestly think i may have to resit my science but i'm so hoping i won't have to! and i honestly don't know about my health and social.. i was worrying like hell about my recent maths exam because i always put myself down at maths, even though people see me as quite good at it. TBH i just worry all the time about my school work, i need good grades to get into boro college, and then i worry if i don't get into that. 

i just have thiat feeling that i want to escape into the sunset with my boy, and just lead a life where everything was perfect.i seriously envy them people who have the brains, the beauty and just everything really. 

Friday, 25 February 2011

DAY 7.

straight up. cheating is wrong. whats the point in cheating when you are meant to be with the one person you care about.. on some aspect I can see why people do cheat when you are drunk because you are very vulnerable, but i don't find it acceptable when people do it repeatably because i don't get how they could forgive themselves. A kiss, i could get over, but anything to do with oral or fondling i couldn't.. maybe i could, but a lot of trust would be lost. but when people have sex with someone else, blurgh makes me sick; because it's in some awful/drunken/disgusting way. 
DONE. cheating = horrid. why do it? you get such a horrible name for yourself and your trust is just lost. 


i also had a lovely day! i laughed until my cheeks where hurting! i <3 grace and aidd. saw an old friend, so it was good to have a short but sweet catch up :) although i didn't do a lot in Whitby, it was good to have a good old natter with your best.. not even kidding.. feels like a lost a limb! so then i went to workies and got a lovely tip off this lovely family :') bless. going to bed with a smile on my face tonight but i'm not liking not talking to my boy.. either way.. hope he's had a fab night and not got too drunk! i ♥ my friends 

peace out. 

Thursday, 24 February 2011

DAY 6.

the person i like, or currently in love with is Antony and why i love him, is what is described in 'DAY 3'. be treats me lovely and is also my best friend. i can talk to him about anything and everything, but i miss him a lot. just considering we've been going out for over a year and a half, i think we can get through anything :'). he is amazing and makes me realize that not all boys are the same (just wanting sex and using you). he makes me laugh so much and is just so lovely to be around. 

  • a person i also like in a friend way is my hairdresser because i made a big change to my hair and got a bob! i was so scared because it was such a big change and you can't exactly stick it back on.. but i think she did a good job and i love it! still feels so weird as my neck feels naked. but it takes less time to wash and i can get a few styles out of it :) still getting used to it though ehehe.. gunna be dying it red at the weekend i think, eep. god my hair is going to be ruined sooner or later! so my day consisted of getting a new prescription at the optitions, getting my hair cut and working.. and eating! life was good today <3
peace out. 

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

DAY 5.

5 things that irritate me about males:
  • how obsessed they are with sport/cars/x-box, because when they get too competitive it is so annoying. i miss when 'cod' was just a fish. 
  • how some think it's ok to mess around with girls or treat them differently when their with their friends, and being a 'jait hunter' i agree that you can't help who you like, but going through the whole younger generation is a bit wrong.. 
  • how some can be so scruffy and minging, like wearing the same clothes for days on end.. also, they get so competitive with fred perry. everything is now shiny shoes, grey trousers and fred perry shirt. 
  • how cocky they can be. using cockiness to downgrade girls, when they know their right. being cocky doesn't mean your smart. 
  • how jealous they can get, like it's fine if they have friends that are girls but when you have a friend thats a boy, its a whole different situation. 
5 things that irritate me about females:
  • the bitchiness. like guys, girls should talk to peoples faces when they are annoyed, not bitch about them behind their back so they whole situation is spread around and made worse! bitching about someone and then being sweet as pie to their faces is just so fake.
  • the whiny, squeaky voice they put on when they see their boyfriend or boy that is a friend, esp when they want something. it is pretty funny when they are ignored, because they get so frustrated and you see that the little whiny voice was just an act for attention. 
  • putting a picture of themselves on facebook and then calling themselves ugly. friend: 'omg your so pretty!' girl: 'no i'm not, i look an absolute state'. just take the compliment with a 'thankyou' and stop attention seeking! but also when they take hundreds of pictures of themselves and upload them all.. all with the same look.. a bit of variety would be more interesting and less self-centered.  
  • them that allowed themselves to be used. everyone knows that their boyfriend is an utter cock so i don't see why they pretend that their a gift from god. if they do something to hurt you, then yeah it's going to be upsetting but just move on.. referred to #2 on '5 things that irritate me about males:' or girls that take inappropriate pictures and send it to everyone for the attention and to feel loved. also when girls are messing around with loads of different people, when they know it could all just blow up in their faces. 
  • fake girls and how they complain that they can't have a real relationship when they wont even allowed their boyfriend to see them with no make-up on. i mean, i wear make-up, but i think the limit is when it takes you a whole pack of cotton pads to remove it and when you can scrape it off with your finger nail! and when girls want to change everything about themselves, learn to love yourself and be grateful for what you have. 

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

DAY 4.

what i wear for bed, not something very interesting, because mostly it's just a pair of old sweat trousers or pajama trousers and my bra. then you don't get too warm or too cold.. i wore my christmas onesie for a while because they are so comfy and so warm during that cold period, but when you need a wee in the middle of the night; it's a nightmare! so wooly pajama's are a must for winter!
i also love sleeping in my boyfriends tops, don't know why, but they just feel so much more nicer
..... although underneath all of these, i sleep naked ;) but shh..


but i'll blog about my day(s) so far.. although it's half term and being away from college makes me happy, i have been so bloody hormonal for nothing.. i mean, it's getting increasingly worse! crying because there are no tomatoes to make a sarnie or burning my teacake a smidge is just not normal. even my mum said i haven't been 'myself' so i'm so confused! hopefully this is just a silly phase and will blow over soon because the only thing keeping me sane is doing DT homework ehehe! so yeah, all of my anger will be taken out with zumba tonight :D can't wait xD! 
so my half term has consisted of eating, sleeping, crying and working, so interesting i'm sure you would all love to here more! i lied.. but i did go shopping, gotz me some lavly bits :3... 
so inbetween all this horrid maths revision is a needed catch up with my best :') 

peace out. 

Monday, 21 February 2011

DAY 3.

well quite obviously the person that attracts me is my own boyfriend.. kind, sweet, sensitive, loving, funny, honest, faithful, good looking.. treats a girl like a real princess! i could honestly go on forever, i honestly have never known a love like this before since we met.. he's amazing! although maybe on our first date he kinda got me very very drunk :P he's perfect :') 

Sunday, 20 February 2011

DAY 2.

I think i have changed quite a lot actually.. not really worsened though.
  • i have better teeth! (Neddy the horse wasn't even close to what they were before braces)
  • i have better taste in music and a better style..(my chavy days are now far behind me :3)
  • i have learn who and who not to trust in my life
  • i have learnt who my real friends are
  • i have probably got brainier.. A* maths BOOYAA. 
  • i have become more sociable but a lot less active and found a new loving for food.  
  • i now know what i aim to achieve in life
and i have just become my own person, i have it when people try and be someone their not! as i now love tattoo's and piercings.. (my background, i would LOVE as a tattoo)

peace out. 

Friday, 18 February 2011

DAY 1.

what weird things i do when i am alone i hear you ask?
  •  well, i like to 'jig' to music when i'm on my own getting ready for school or something; puts me in a good mood listening to music..
  • i pull reeeeeeeally weird faces when i put my mascara/eyeliner on.. or i just pull weird faces anyway when i look in the mirror <>
  • i think about things WAAAAAAAAAY to much when i'm on my own, and think about things i really wish would happen.. but they don't. 
and that is all..
peace out. 

i finally decided to do this!

sorry for coping any of you who has done this, but my lord, my life is so boring! ehehe

Sunday, 13 February 2011

my favorite place in the whole world

so, i'll tell you all why i haven't blogged in a few ways.. i have been in thrapston (a small town in northampton) spending time with my gorgeous boyfriend! on the build up to going, those who know me, know how excited i get hehe! i won't go into details of what we did because i'm pretty sure you won't me to ;) so we just took lovely walks, met his funny & lovely friends and just hung out.. the regular shiz! 
so i'll tell you the best bit about my trip down south (swear it's like a whole new world).. we decided to spend our valentines day on the saturday since i'm not spending it with him tomorrow.. we had a lovely lie in together and cuddled which was lovely :) makes my day listening to his heart beating :').. took a walk.. and in the evening he cooked me a lovely meal on a candlelit table with wine. and finally surprised me with some chocolates and a rose :') I LOVE HIM.. those who know me will fully understand that he is my favorite topic in the whole world. 

throughout the whole trip i didn't stop smiling and laughing because everyone is just so funny and down to earth; except the chavs. their scary as fuck! i also vow never to drink cherry lambrini again.. i classed myself as a weedy chav for just a few moments & it is such a horrid drink. 
sorry about the ending being a bit shit, i am so frickin' tired! so now i am going to sleep :') 
peace out. 

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

it's zumba time!

if non of you bloggers have never been to a Zumba class then i strongly suggest you go! hinderwell village hall, 7:30-8:30, tuesdays & £4. its frickin' amazing, doesn't have make you sweat but i guess that means its working eh.. there wasn't half a few queers there, i know i shouldn't stereotype but seeing reeeally overweight girls, in skimpy vest tops, rara skirts (one tucked in their knickers ahahaha) leggings, leg warmers and uggs. just makes you night and makes you feel better about yourself ehehe. although these girls absolutely beef, bless them :')
but the dancing... it's some crazy business that you have to get really into, with your oooooh's and ahhhhh's; plus it makes you feel like you been stretched on a stretcher and then having to run around, or like you've been sat on a horse for about a day. hopefully the results will be good :) all toned and shiiiiite :)

anyway, school was shit but seeing my science teacher at zumba was so funny!!!! and also HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM!
so now i'm tired but i'm sure i'll be hopping out of bed in the morning since i'll be going to thrapston the next day. YAAAY. or i'll be as stiff as a board ... who knows ;)
             peace out. 

Monday, 7 February 2011

so life begun and now you can read about it :)

Hello bloggers, i'm new at this so please don't judge since i ain't no 'pro' ;) my apologize now for my awful spellings and grammar... but lets give this a go! firstly, i entered the world in a pile of goo, i wasn't too pretty; but what new born babies are? all wrinkly and looking like some sort of sprog.. but i'm a cod head born and bred and raised in staithes (not really a great start so feel free to stop reading) started education at staithes primary school were at last i became HOUSE CAPTAIN boo-ya! i actually started my first relationship at primary, lasted like 4 years or something (on and off because i dumped him once for stealing my chair); can't say my mum wasn't planning my wedding because she was hehehe! 
Then caedmon started, didn't like it that much but lets not dwell on the negatives... so prom was fun! 
So right now, i'm now in year 11, currently studying at whitby community college, sounds posh but it really isn't; i mean clip on ties?! HELLOOOO! and i am also taken ;) he's perfect, im not gunna lie i could write a book about him but i'm sure you would get bored but i'll just say it's just been over 19 months <3!

so my day! monday? not a great start to the week but it is one of my best days.. lesson wise, but my word it is such a struggle to get out of bed, teenagers these days.. watched my mornings worth of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. which does make my day :) drama was defo the best lesson of the day, there was an argument about bloggs actually, made me laugh but what made me laugh even more was my failed attempted of being drunk and slow motion in a car crash; couldn't of got through it without jess j like. but i am just sicksicksick of being told about my nose piercing! its only a gem, what harm does that actually do though? bahgum it dun't half make me mad.... and what also makes me mad is this gale force wind, swear i'm going to get blown away! it does make me wonder if anybody has actually been blown away by wind.. if anyone as any info, i would love to know ;)
so rest of my day included of returning to staithes, grimage. watching more friends, eating food and just sitting on my arse.... i knew writing a blog wasn't such a good idea because my life is so boring but hey-ho. 

peace out? i'll try and blog soon again if i can remember my log in etc.. x