Friday, 25 February 2011

DAY 7.

straight up. cheating is wrong. whats the point in cheating when you are meant to be with the one person you care about.. on some aspect I can see why people do cheat when you are drunk because you are very vulnerable, but i don't find it acceptable when people do it repeatably because i don't get how they could forgive themselves. A kiss, i could get over, but anything to do with oral or fondling i couldn't.. maybe i could, but a lot of trust would be lost. but when people have sex with someone else, blurgh makes me sick; because it's in some awful/drunken/disgusting way. 
DONE. cheating = horrid. why do it? you get such a horrible name for yourself and your trust is just lost. 


i also had a lovely day! i laughed until my cheeks where hurting! i <3 grace and aidd. saw an old friend, so it was good to have a short but sweet catch up :) although i didn't do a lot in Whitby, it was good to have a good old natter with your best.. not even kidding.. feels like a lost a limb! so then i went to workies and got a lovely tip off this lovely family :') bless. going to bed with a smile on my face tonight but i'm not liking not talking to my boy.. either way.. hope he's had a fab night and not got too drunk! i ♥ my friends 

peace out. 

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