Monday, 7 February 2011

so life begun and now you can read about it :)

Hello bloggers, i'm new at this so please don't judge since i ain't no 'pro' ;) my apologize now for my awful spellings and grammar... but lets give this a go! firstly, i entered the world in a pile of goo, i wasn't too pretty; but what new born babies are? all wrinkly and looking like some sort of sprog.. but i'm a cod head born and bred and raised in staithes (not really a great start so feel free to stop reading) started education at staithes primary school were at last i became HOUSE CAPTAIN boo-ya! i actually started my first relationship at primary, lasted like 4 years or something (on and off because i dumped him once for stealing my chair); can't say my mum wasn't planning my wedding because she was hehehe! 
Then caedmon started, didn't like it that much but lets not dwell on the negatives... so prom was fun! 
So right now, i'm now in year 11, currently studying at whitby community college, sounds posh but it really isn't; i mean clip on ties?! HELLOOOO! and i am also taken ;) he's perfect, im not gunna lie i could write a book about him but i'm sure you would get bored but i'll just say it's just been over 19 months <3!

so my day! monday? not a great start to the week but it is one of my best days.. lesson wise, but my word it is such a struggle to get out of bed, teenagers these days.. watched my mornings worth of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. which does make my day :) drama was defo the best lesson of the day, there was an argument about bloggs actually, made me laugh but what made me laugh even more was my failed attempted of being drunk and slow motion in a car crash; couldn't of got through it without jess j like. but i am just sicksicksick of being told about my nose piercing! its only a gem, what harm does that actually do though? bahgum it dun't half make me mad.... and what also makes me mad is this gale force wind, swear i'm going to get blown away! it does make me wonder if anybody has actually been blown away by wind.. if anyone as any info, i would love to know ;)
so rest of my day included of returning to staithes, grimage. watching more friends, eating food and just sitting on my arse.... i knew writing a blog wasn't such a good idea because my life is so boring but hey-ho. 

peace out? i'll try and blog soon again if i can remember my log in etc.. x


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