Monday, 28 March 2011

i haven't blogged in ages!

wow. i can't believe how long it's been since i blogged but you haven't missed much at all, its all just been coursework-age and workies. but let me tell you how much you kinda missed... 
these lasses. i love alot. 
so.. on the 19th of March was Jess's birthday, i had my new dress which i now loooooove, i really think i suit green, with my hair an all that so i must purchase more of it! so we went to that new thai restaurant in town but i have to say, it was okay food but we got completely ripped off.. plus, jess didn't really want to stay because she hated the people behind the bar ahahah! but afterwards, we walked all the way up to Jess's for a major sesh. was fab! defo needed all weekend off work to bloody recover!, but yeah i got a new nickname.. 'nips' the call me... why i here you ask? because my friends, my nipple fell out, but not for like a second, for like a minute because i didnt even notice! someone yelled 'omg she's got her nipple out!' and i said 'omg who? ahahaha' only to realize that it was infact. me. but i'd just like to thank Jessie J for a fab night, defo is one to remembered! ♥♥♥

my word. i am very very very very very excited, it's actually amazing and super huge! i cannot actually wait, although i have like no friends that go there ahahha! & my friends won't join me there :( but yeah, if anyone knows of anyone going.. lemme know iiii? 

peace out. 

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