Sunday, 6 March 2011


i really wish i knew why i get so jealous, i think it's our distance from each other if i'm going to be honest! but whats even fucking worse is that i like encouraged him to have friends that are girls and i absolutely love the girls that  he's friends with, and i know that he wouldn't ever do anything with them because he loves me and i trust him with my whole entire life. i hate how paranoid i get, like i make such a big deal out of nothing because so what if they stayed at his house, he wasn't the only guy there and they didn't stay in the same room so i don't see the big deal.. what i honestly think it's down to is that i guess i know how 'ambitious' girls can get when their pissed and how vulnerable guys can get when their pissed. but what i hate is that i have lots of friends that are boys and he has been jealous which is completely natural but i kinda told him that it was ridiculous to be jealous (i didn't exactly blurt it out like that) and now i am. god, i've never known such a horrible feeling! and it makes me out to be such a hypocrite. but now that we've sorted it all out, i'm much more happier :) so horrid when you can't give that person you love cuddles when you need it most.. but everything seems so much brighter when you have a good cry :) 
  i also watched 'taken' which i one of my favorite films but then i watched a bit of 'the human centipede' and i hated my life, its so disgustingly minging that i was scared. and also mummy is back from her weekend away so looking forward to my presents since she left me :) ehehe. 
peace out. 

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