Thursday, 17 March 2011

DAY 18.

disrespecting parents.. nothing frustrates me more when people say 'your parents know best' because they actually do. Its very annoying. but sometimes, you may have to disrespect them to experience things for yourself, not exactly all the time obviously because then they just loose trust in you but i definitely believe in learning from your mistakes. I don't know how people can have parents who are very very strict and it's all about good grades etcc, because then you can't experience life for what it is, especially if your a teenager. also, if you did disrespect your parents, they have probably done the exact same or even worse.. i thought i'd done some pretty bad stuff but was more disappointed in my mum in what she'd told me ahaha. Your parents make who you are today but you also have to learn from yourself and your own actions to realize who you truly are! 

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