Friday, 4 March 2011

DAY 10.

to be completely honest, i hate drugs. except prescription drugs help you get better so i suppose their okay :) but class a/b/c drugs i just find completely pointless and awful, yes i have come across drugs once before in my life but i hope it never happens again. half the people on jeremy kyle are crack heads and have you seen them? horrid is an understatement. if you take drugs doesn't make you cool whatsoever and if you even know about the side effects :|.. i find the government party to make cannabis legal is just a complete joke, seriously what would the world turn into? i think people wanting to try drugs has gone up after watching skins! those people are actors kids!

so i like alcohol, but i only go to that 'limit'. only once have i ever been so drunk that i've thrown up and it was awful! i'm one of those people who likes kinda 'fruity alcohol' like jacques or alcopops. i HATE beer or lager. urgh. like drinking piss, not that i've ever drunk piss but you get the drift. i hate the fact of alcohol when you drink like every night and its like 'EHH M8, GET MI SUM VODIE TONYT YH?' to be honest,  you don't need alcohol to have a good time but some wouldn't go unharmed :) sometimes people use alcohol feel the need to cheat or to get into fights or just to make themselves feel better, that kinda defeats the object. although it can make up a good night with your friends, having a laugh and feeling confident. 

overall, i prefer alcohol far better than drugs. 
peace out

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