Monday, 7 March 2011

DAY 11 & 12

one of the many photos i love of us.
relationship life! i love it. i have never been happier and i love my boy lots and lots! yeah, we have our little bickers, bur who doesn't? they are easily overcome without people putting their nose in. i love how he is my best friend, and ooh! we might be going on holiday. it isn't official or anything but oh my god it would be amazing. i am really trying not to get my hopes up but im just too darn exciteddd! we have such a good time together and have always wanted to go in holiday :') 


I wouldn't really want to say anything to my ex's.. obviously none of them worked out so theres nothing really to say.. one of my previous relationship lasted very long so i would like to thank him for the lovely gifts..  he was my primary school love :') ehehhe
most of my ex's, now are dickheads so pretty glad i ain't with them now, but most of them seem pretty content so i guess that all i can say is 'have fun in the future'. ehehe well cheesy but what else is there to say.. :)

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