Friday, 11 March 2011

DAY 16 & 17

3 things that i am proud of about my personality.. well i'm not exactly proud, but i guess i like some things... but it's just so hard to think when your put on the spot like this.. i'm trustworthy, i can be honest but i kinda take peoples feelings into account. i can't think of a third one tbh! ehehe.
3 things that make me scared

  • like evil people. murderers, rapists, kidnappers. but i'm not too worried about kidnappers, my mum said they would just get sick of me and bring me back.. i think thats a good thing maybe?
  • spiders. i'm like Ross of 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S'.. i hate spiders, i can't even describe how much i hate them.. they are awful, i wish they would become so extinct.. they are just so frickin' ugly that i can't count them as insects. with 8 legs and 4584795 eyes.. they are awful. nuff said, as i am creeping myself out even thinking about the bastards. 
  • loosing any of my friends or family. i can't imagine my life without any of my family or friends, they are what makes me, me. and without them, i would turn insane. i am possibly the worst person ever at grieving, my mind wonders and its just so painful
I am also scared of scary films... i hate scary films. like saw.. what kind of person thinks of things like that.. its not entertaining. its damn right disgusting. end. 

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