Thursday, 3 March 2011

DAY 8.

i worry for too much. i always think about what will come about things if they go wrong.. pretty much, i am currently shitting myself about getting some of my exam results. i'm one of those people that beats themselves up constantly if something goes wrong, i hate to fail. I know you have to learn from your mistakes but i always get myself worked up over nothing. i honestly think i may have to resit my science but i'm so hoping i won't have to! and i honestly don't know about my health and social.. i was worrying like hell about my recent maths exam because i always put myself down at maths, even though people see me as quite good at it. TBH i just worry all the time about my school work, i need good grades to get into boro college, and then i worry if i don't get into that. 

i just have thiat feeling that i want to escape into the sunset with my boy, and just lead a life where everything was perfect.i seriously envy them people who have the brains, the beauty and just everything really. 

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